The Benefits of FlexCem® Well Cement

  • Allows for density adjustments within a single blend without adversely affecting slurry properties.
  • Eliminates the need for separate blends for lead and tail slurries.
  • Maintains accurate downhole densities throughout the job without significant changes in viscosity.
  • Extends water-absorption capacity without retaining free water.
  • Provides thermal stability with little or no strength retrogression.
  • Provides resistance to carbonation to maintain compressive strength and low permeability.
  • Earth friendly with lower carbon emissions.

FlexCem® has been featured as a Success Story on the United States Department of Energy web site: here

View an article on FlexCem® development in the June, 2016 issue of Global Cement Magazine here
(PDF, 2.4MB)

View a presentation on our interground cement here
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View the FlexCem® LVD product data sheet here
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